Brand Identity

Effective packaging is crucial for the success of kids’ learning toys. With 49 items in the final production stage, I have carefully considered the packaging requirements for each product. Below is a detailed overview of our packaging solutions, including box packaging, window box packaging, plastic and paper card blister packaging, plastic sink and paper ribbon packaging, and fabric and paper packaging.

Packaging Type Descriptions
Box Packaging: 14 items
Window Box Packaging: 9 items
Plastic and Paper Card Blister Packaging: 9 items
Plastic Sink and Paper Ribbon Packaging: 13 items
Fabric and Paper Packaging: 1 item

Price Tag Instructions
Box Packaging and Window Box Packaging: Place the price tag in the middle of the down part of the box to avoid any issues with the lock system.
Plastic and Paper Card Blister Packaging and Plastic Sink and Paper Ribbon Packaging: Place the price tag under the right-side corner for easy scanning.
Fabric and Paper Packaging: Use the provided hang tag for the price tag.
No Packaging: Use price tags conveniently.

Quality Control
The following are some key points for the QC team to check during the packaging process:
Paper Issues: Check the quality, thickness, and sticker paper to ensure they match the provided information.
Glue/Lay Issues:
For boxes, inspect the box joints.
For blister packaging, check the glue of the plastic joint.
Verify the sticker pasting on boxes.
Lock Issues: Check the top and bottom locks for each box.
Plastic and Paper Card Blister Packaging: Also check the hang point.
Plastic Sink and Paper Ribbon Packaging: Check the sharpness of the plastic sink and the tightness of the paper ribbon.

Kids’ Learning Toy is a unique segment with distinctive packaging needs. As the Creative Manager at Brac-Aarong, I have successfully completed this project with management’s appreciation, highlighting the successful implementation and unique requirements of the Kids’ Learning Toy segment packaging solutions.