New Year Gift Idea – Sustainable Elegance

Revolutionizing Packaging at Aarong: Unveiling Eco-Friendly Shoe Shapers
November 22, 2023
  • TaskAs Aarong's Creative Manager, I led the New Year Gift Idea project, reshaping the gifting landscape for Bangladesh's premier lifestyle brand. Centered on sustainability and elegance, our packaging highlights Brac Recycled Handmade Paper, an International Standard opening & lock system, a Jute Ribbon Bow, and the iconic Jamdani Pattern. Complementing these features, our Wish Cards, made from the same recycled paper, offer personalized information and convey heartfelt wishes, elevating each gift to a thoughtful and meaningful experience.

Unveiling Elegance: Aarong’s Eco-Friendly New Year Gift Idea. Step into 2024 with Aarong’s exclusive gift concept, where sustainability meets sophistication. Our commitment to eco-conscious practices shines in this project, blending recycled materials, international standards, and cultural aesthetics seamlessly.

Packaging Box-

Crafted from Brac Recycled Handmade Paper, each box epitomizes our dedication to environmental responsibility. With an International Standard opening & lock system, the packaging ensures a premium unboxing experience. Adding an eco-chic touch, a Jute Ribbon Bow transforms each gift into a statement piece exuding eco-friendly charm. The timeless Jamdani Pattern further enriches this cultural fusion, infusing the packaging with Aarong’s distinctive vibe and cultural heritage.

Wish Card-

Crafted with Brac Recycled Handmade Paper, the Wish Card symbolizes our unwavering commitment to sustainability. Beyond conveying product details, it offers personalized insights into the curated gifts. The Wish Card transcends utility to become a conduit for heartfelt wishes, injecting a genuine touch into each gift and transforming giving into a meaningful experience.

Aarong’s New Year Gift Idea celebrates elegance and conscious living. Our packaging boxes redefine gifting with eco-friendly materials and cultural embellishments. The Wish Cards, crafted from recycled paper, extend warm wishes, making each gift resonate with the spirit of the season.