Nitol Niloy Group has an exceptional company profile, it shows dexterity and professionalism within the organization which will definitely win the hearts of future clients. But, to create such corporate charm it requires more than just copywriting and the design.
☞ Plan Ahead!
☞ Research and Revise
☞ Draft it out
☞ Customize the Company Profile Design
☞ Organize Copywriting
☞ Visual Appeals
☞ Time to Showproof
☞ Seal the Deal
☞ Print and Press
☞ Sign, Seal, Deliver!
Designing and copywriting aren’t the only procedures to consider when dealing with company who seek your services.
Here at The Origin Solution, we follow the process religiously and methodically so contact us today to create our own company profile!

Nitol-Niloy Group is a household name in Bangladesh. Over the years, it has expanded its activities into commercial vehicle assembly, passenger car sales, vehicle service-finance-dealerships, motorcycle manufacturing, paper, insurance sectors in order to provide quality products at affordable conditions to the people of Bangladesh. Today the group has shaped itself as a true conglomerate from its original identity as a transport based trading organization.
The group is now poised for new investments into housing, electric cars and other new advanced projects. It has plans for foreign investment too. It is fast emerging as a major player in the economic arena of Bangladesh.