Empowering Bangladesh’s Future: 61st IEB Convention 2024

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Empowering Bangladesh’s Future: 61st IEB Convention 2024

  • TaskOur comprehensive event design for the 61st Convention of The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh, themed "Engineering a Smart Bangladesh," includes a detailed 3D layout of the IEB campus, event planning drawings, and innovative standees. Outside standees highlight technological progress with images of PM Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, while inside standees showcase 3D Printing, 5G, AI, AR, Cloud Computing, Cryptocurrency, Drone Tech, IoT, and Robotics. The 3D stage design features LED displays and innovation icons, and the entry gate is a grand structure with images of national leaders. Dynamic LED standees provide real-time tech updates, and a 360 photobooth offers an immersive experience. The tunnel stand and 3D stands display various tech innovations, including robotic arms and AI robots. Stalls are designed for interactive demos, and cutouts featuring engineering icons are placed throughout the venue. This design ensures the convention is a celebration of technological advancement and engineering excellence, inspiring, educating, and engaging attendees to drive the vision of a smart Bangladesh.

Welcome to the detailed of the 61st Convention of The Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh. Here, we showcase our comprehensive event layout, creative concepts, and visualization, all designed to reflect the theme “Engineering a Smart Bangladesh.”

1. IEB Campus 3D Layout
The IEB Campus 3D Layout offers a detailed visual representation of the entire event space. This layout includes the positioning of various elements such as entry gates, stages, stalls, and special features. The 3D model ensures optimal space utilization and provides a clear guide for attendees.

2. Event Planning Drawing
Our Event Planning Drawing encompasses the entire event’s structural blueprint. This includes the arrangement of seating, pathways, emergency exits, and accessibility features, ensuring a seamless flow of activities and a safe, engaging experience for all participants.

3. Outside Standee
The Outside Standee is designed to convey messages of technological progress and national pride, featuring images of PM Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. It highlights Bangladesh’s technological advancements and its vision for a smarter future.

4. Inside Standee
The Inside Standee showcases various engineering concepts such as 3D Printing, 5G Internet, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Cloud Computing, Cryptocurrency, Drone Technology, Internet of Things, and Robotics. Each standee includes a detailed description and custom icons to illustrate these cutting-edge technologies.

5. Stage
Our 3D Stage design incorporates engineering and technology concepts, with LED displays and innovation icons prominently featured. The stage will be a focal point for presentations and speeches, highlighting the role of technology in building a smart Bangladesh.

6. Entry Gate
The Entry Gate is a grand 3D structure featuring images of PM Sheikh Hasina and Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, symbolizing leadership and vision. The gate is designed with engineering and technology motifs to welcome attendees into a space of innovation and inspiration.

7. LED Standee
The LED Standee displays dynamic content related to engineering and technology, providing real-time information and updates. It serves as an interactive tool to engage attendees with the latest technological advancements.

8. 360 Photobooth
The 360 Photobooth is an immersive experience allowing attendees to capture moments within a technologically themed backdrop. This feature combines fun with innovation, creating memorable interactions.

9. Tunnel Stand
The Tunnel Stand is designed as an experiential passageway, featuring engineering technology concepts. It offers a journey through various technological innovations, providing an engaging educational experience.

10. Theme Logo Cutout
The Theme Logo Cutout prominently features the logo of the 61st Convention. It serves as a central visual element, symbolizing the event’s theme of empowering Bangladesh through smart technology and engineering.

11. 3D Stand
The 3D Stand includes interactive displays of a Robotic Arm, Biorobots, Talking AI Robot, Drone Technology, and 5G Internet. Each exhibit is designed to showcase real-world applications of these technologies, offering hands-on learning experiences.

12. Stall
Our Stalls are designed for exhibitors to showcase their technological innovations. Each stall is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to support interactive demonstrations and presentations, facilitating meaningful engagement with attendees.

13. Cutout
The Cutouts are strategically placed throughout the venue, featuring prominent engineering and technology icons. These serve as educational tools and decorative elements, enhancing the thematic consistency of the event.

This comprehensive design and planning effort ensure that the 61st Convention is not just an event, but a celebration of technological advancement and engineering excellence, driving the vision of a smart Bangladesh. Each element is crafted to inspire, educate, and engage, making the convention a landmark event for all attendees.