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Oployeelabs Brand Identity

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OployeeLabs is a technology company primarily focusing web and mobile applications development for customers around the world on demand and at a low cost. We develop web based social, educational and commercial sites that are intended to be used by millions on the Internet.

OployeeLabs has a house full of young but experienced Software Engineers having Computer Science and Engineering degrees from reputed universities. The team also went through a mandatory extensive full time training for eight weeks just after joining the company to learn the best practices and in depth of the web technologies. At OployeeLabs this is a “must do” thing before one can start any work for customers.

The team has a combination of expertise in HTML, CSS, PHP, Codeigniter, Python, Ruby on Rails, iOS, Android and a few other current technologies. Individually and collectively they have delivered applications ranging from small home accounting system to a large social platform. The team has experience in performing projects as short as a week-long to big projects taking more than a year.

This fantastic team is being lead by Directors of the company having professional software development experiences for more than 18 years. In the leadership team we also have an HR veteran making sure that the team always performs at their best.

OployeeLabs is driven by a set of core values, which are embedded into every work the company and the team perform. The Core Values are:

– Achieving : We achieve what we plan to achieve

– Beneficent : We strive to acquire benefit for all

– Candid : We clearly express our views and opinion differences

– Daring : We foster a “dare to do” spirit

– Ethical : We maintain high standards of ethics all the time

OployeeLabs is an equal opportunity employer with sincerity and passion in maintaining a friendly environment allowing every individual to grow and excel along with the achievement of the company goals.