CGS: A History of 20 Years

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CGS: A History of 20 Years

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Chittagong Grammar School: A History of 20 Years

Chittagong Grammar School (C.G.S.) was founded in 1992, to satisfy the need for a truly international school in Chittagong. The existing English-medium institutions were not of an international standard and many families were forced to send their school-going children overseas to seek a quality education. Four Chittagong families (Dadas, Ispahanis, Khans and Nizams) came together and co-opted the best teaching resources available in the city. These teaching consultants set criteria for standards and established school policies. The aim was to get the best teachers in Chittagong under one roof to create an institute of a high international academic standard.

A derelict building on Sarson Road was renovated and refurbished to house the school which opened in January 1993. There were only five classes – 5 to 9, 64 students and 14 teachers. Enrollment commenced in October/November 1992 and classes began on 12th January 1993. The mission of the school was to enable children to achieve the highest standards of which they are capable, both academically, physically, morally and socially. Extra-curricular activities formed an integral part of the curriculum and students were encouraged to develop through participation in a range of activities. The school rapidly gained an excellent reputation within the community and demand for placements outnumbered seats available by the second year! The range of classes were expanded and by 1996 the entire range of classes (Playgroup to ‘O’ Levels) were being offered. Later the same year the school academic year was changed from January -December to a September – June session.