TATA ACE Ex2 Campaign

Nitol & Tarzan Paper Packaging
August 16, 2019
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September 16, 2020

TATA ACE Ex2 Campaign

  • TaskCreative Design, Promotional Design

Nitol Motors ACE Ex2 campaign started on a high note. Despite having Market Share Increase’s, Nitol Motors managed to get maximum output from the recently starting promotional campaign.
On that cause Nitol Motors, country’s leading Vehicle Industry provided Refrigerator
for Each vehicle of ACE Ex2. In this campaign, up to 100% guaranteed of Refrigerator & also various cash discount and free service were distributed among the customers.
Communicate 360 Marketing Solutions has a distinct human approach to the marketing business. To us, putting people before products has always made sense. Our relationship with Customer allows us to provide a rich and diverse collection of very appealing, useful, and environmentally friendly products. Our strong presence in the community has helped us create loyal relationships with our customers; which has enhanced our ability to keep promises and to consistently provide products that our customers have considered attractive and memorable.
In 79 own sales point nationwide, Nitol Motors ACE Ex2 2019 campaign brought happiness and smile to hundreds of thousands of customers around the country. Nitol Motors highly appreciate all the support from the consumers and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the customers for their overwhelming response.