LPT 1615 Gold Launching

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June 5, 2021
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LPT 1615 Gold Launching

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Tata Motors, one of the world’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers and market leader in Bangladesh, introduced its new GOLD standard in the 16-tonne medium commercial vehicles category, in association with its distributor Nitol Motors Limited on Tuesday.

The Tata LPT 1615 GOLD is available in two wheelbase options: 4800mm and 5200mm, and with its strong vehicle attributes, it is engineered to perfectly suit the needs of all the fleet owners by carrying heavy loads as well as high voluminous goods.

The Tata LPT 1615 GOLD provides power-packed performance and increased productivity, along with a safe and comfortable driving experience. It will be supported by the widest countrywide network for sales, service and spare parts.
Locally assembled at NITA plant – a joint venture between Tata Motors and Nitol Niloy Group, the LPT 1615 GOLD range, will help drive further the growing economy of Bangladesh.

Its key attributes like Cummins 6BT engine offering 145hp of power and 500Nm of torque, along with rugged ladder-type chassis with two options of wheelbase, make it the perfect vehicle for the varied load requirements of the business today.

With a proved Cummins 6BT engine, coupled with reliable GBS 600 gearbox, the Tata LPT 1615 GOLD will help increase the owners’ profit potential and offer low total cost of operations. It features factory-fitted radial tyres along with stronger suspension and rear axle (RA110), ideally suited for the Bangladesh driving conditions.