Child Doctor Education

May 13, 2014

Child Doctor Education

  • TaskArt Direction, Graphic Design, Illustration

Child Doctor Education-Across the developing world

Across the developing world, millions of school-age children are affected by serious — yet easily treatable and preventable — illnesses, which inhibit their ability to learn.
Healthier children stay in school longer, attend more regularly, learn more and become healthier and more productive adults.
Bangladesh Government, USAID & FHI 360 is a global leader in the field of School Health and Nutrition (SHN) with programs reaching Bangladesh across all global regions.
School Health and Nutrition programs are cost-effective and complementary to Early Childhood Development and Basic Education efforts, helping children, especially girls, be healthy to learn and learn to be healthy.
By addressing girls’ special health needs, including treatment of anemia, providing sanitary facilities and water in schools, we are reducing their barriers to learning and increasing their chances to succeed and stay in school.

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